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CORN NEXT’s European Debut

CORN NEXT’s European Debut

CORN NEXT proudly participated in the Plastic Waste Free World Conference & Expo in Cologne, Germany last month. The introduction of our groundbreaking next-gen sustainable material CN2017 was a spotlight of the event. It signifies CORN NEXT’s entry into the European region.

The response from the event attendees was extraordinary. CN2017 resonated with the conference’s environmentally conscious attendees with its ability to 100% naturally degrade without leaving any harmful chemicals. The positive reception furthers our confidence in pioneering the mission of a plastic waste-free world.

Throughout the conference, we talked with various certification partners to ensure the quality and sustainability of our products. Our Chief Scientist, Professor Chen Gang, took the stage at the conference’s tech forum. He provided a comprehensive overview of CN2017’s development and application, highlighting how our material sets us apart in a market flooded with alternatives.

This event signifies CORN NEXT’s strategic first step in the European market. We are more than thrilled about the positive reception and look forward to fostering collaborations that will solidify CORN NEXT as a leader in sustainable solutions.

Check out our video documenting this significant step. We’re excited to see what the future holds.

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