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New and Improved - 4th Generation CN2017

New and Improved - 4th Generation CN2017

Last month at the Plastic Waste Free World Conference & Expo in Cologne, Germany, our Chief Scientist, Professor Chen Gang, provided a comprehensive overview of the advancements in our fourth-generation CN2017. This latest iteration is the result of years of dedicated effort, and we were thrilled to present the CN2017 product line during the expo.

The fourth-generation CN2017 boasts remarkable durability, maintaining its form for over two hours in regular-temperature liquid. Noteworthy improvements in flexibility and expandability have been incorporated into the product. CN2017 is easier to produce than ever before and presents a potential breakthrough in the realm of 3D printing.

CN2017 removes the need for recycling and industrial composting. With its ability to naturally degrade while leaving no harmful chemicals behind, it offers a practical solution to the plastic waste problem. This development assumes a pivotal role in our mission to combat plastic pollution, eradicate white pollution, and reduce carbon emissions.

Looking ahead, CORN NEXT envisions expanding the scope of CN2017 materials into other applications. The product range will diversify from utensil products to packaging boxes and more.

With the ongoing commitment of CORN NEXT, we continue to play an increasingly crucial role in environmental protection and safeguarding our planet.

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