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To protect our oceans against single-use plastics, 

we’re replacing plastic around the world with robust straws and utensils that truly disappear after a single use… 

but only after you enjoy your meal.

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Our products biodegrade in as little as 3 months.

No chemicals. No plastics. No harm done. 

Now that’s revolutionary.


Natural enzymes and water are all it takes to transform cornstarch into a safe, reliable plastic replacement that biodegrades in all environments… leaving behind only natural ingredients.


The polylactic acids (PLA) in most “plant-based” bioplastics require a 140°F process to biodegrade.

That means most bioplastics never fully decompose.


A true plastic replacement can’t fall apart on the job. People won’t be willing to use it.

And simply put, paper products fall apart too quickly.


Relying on edible crops will eventually lead to a food shortage. That’s why we source our cornstarch from outside the food supply.


“I love the ocean. As a competitive sailor, I have had the privilege of seeing more of it than most.

And I have often found myself out on the water with nothing but blue in all directions… and plastic bobbing atop the waves. On shore, I have found dead marine life - choked by plastic. It broke my heart. And so, I committed myself to finding a plastic replacement that could save our oceans and our planet as a whole.


The solution came to me in Salt Lake City. It was the middle of the night, and I was wide awake in my hotel room.

I had been touring a long list of proposed plastic alternatives. But I had yet to find a 100% biodegradable material that wouldn't leave behind waste. Looking for something to read and drift off to sleep, I found a Bible in the nightstand.

I opened it at random.


That night, I read a story about how corn saved people from famine. It sparked an idea: Could corn be the solution?


I visited universities all over the country to find out. I was told the same thing again and again: corn could not work. It didn’t stick together as well as other starches. Corn was too biodegradable. But then, as fortune would have it, I met a research professor who claimed otherwise. In fact, he had discovered a way to fuse natural enzymes, water, and cornstarch into a fully biodegradable, polymerized material.


In other words, he had found a way to make corn into the perfect plastic replacement.


After 4 years of research and development, we have patented a cornstarch-based material that is ready to replace single-use plastics. 100% of our straws, utensils, and other products return naturally to the Earth after use.

When you choose Corn Next, you’re helping save our oceans, wildlife, and planet.”


Thank you,

CEO, Randy Zhang

100% Natural Ingredients

3 ingredients:

cornstarch, water,

and natural enzymes.

It’s that simple.

100% Biodegradable

Our fully organic products completely
decompose in as little as 3 months.

Now that’s revolutionary.

100% Plastic-free

Most plastic alternatives use PLA bioplastics that
often leave behind microplastics. 

Our products don’t.


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